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Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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The Saudi Connection


Perhaps the fact that fifteen of the nineteen suicide bombers in the September 11 attack against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are not coincidences after all?

The following is an anonymous email: Well written!

Saudi Arabian officials released a statement on December 27 that as many as 25,000 Saudi nationals may have received training at the al Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan.

By and large Americans have a grossly oversimplified image of Islam -- unaware of the huge doctrinal divisions that exist among the religion's dozens of sects and wide range of perspectives on the world. Strangely enough, when most Americans think of what a Muslim looks like, they think of the Saudis (perhaps these images result in part from the high media profile fueled by the Saudis' oil wealth). Similarly, most Americans would probably list the Saudis as among the "good" Muslims. Aside from bin Laden, there is a general absence of Saudi's in stock terrorist footage, and Americans also recall the role played by Saudis as American Allies in the Gulf War.

Nonetheless, the Saudis have in the past and continue today to play a central role in the development of fundamentalist Islam. This role has largely been overlooked by American media and, perhaps, policy makers. The Saudi ruling family rose to power as proponents of both Wahabi Islam and the Hanbali school of Islamic Jurisprudence, a system of thought which stresses an extremely literalist interpretation of the Qur'an and Sunna (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad) as the only guide for human action. While most Muslims think of "Hard" Shari'a (including punishments such as amputation for petty theft) as primitive and barbaric, the Saudis have made it standard practice. In recent decades the Saudi's have used their newfound oil wealth to fund huge campaigns not only to convert non-Muslims to Islam, but also to convert other Muslims to Wahabi thought. Further, control over the Pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina has aided the Saudi's in spreading their extremely puritanical ideology throughout the Muslim World. Not only does the Pilgrimage bring millions of Muslims to Saudi Arabia every year, but the Saudi's wealth is interpreted by some as a reward for piety. Imagine poor Muslims from Indonesia or Nigeria traveling to Mecca and seeing Saudi wealth for the first time. Because the Pilgrimage is often subsidized, for millions of Muslims a trip to Saudi Arabia is the only international experience they will ever have.

In many other ways, the Saudis have been a major force in spreading conservative Islam. Harsh restrictions on Women's roles and behavior are characteristic of Wahabi Islam and were previously atypical elsewhere. Similarly, it has been the Saudi's who have encouraged Muslims to implement a harsher form of the Shari'a. For example, the move to implement "Hard" shari'a in Nigeria's north -- resulting in the much publicized caning of a 17-year old girl for premarital sex and numerous clashes with Nigerian Christians this past year -- has been backed by the Saudi's, who offered "training" for new Islamic judges. Remarkably, there has been little commentary on these first steps to replace West Africa's centuries-old (and rather liberal) Maliki system of Islamic law with harsher Hanbali jurisprudence.

Ironically, one reason the Saudi's helped aid the US against Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War was precisely because the Saudis consider the Baath party in Iraq to be secularist and un-Islamic. Saddam is no Muslim Fundamentalist, and in the Islamic world his calls for "Holy War" against the West were a joke.