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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


Terrorist Watch

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New Era Preface



In late November of 1996 I walked into REDDS Lounge in Portland, Oregon and spread out a set of construction drawings for the reconstructed 9th century Viking ship called 'Gokstad.'  A salty-looking man kept staring at me from the bar, wearing a weathered Captain's hat and appearing to have jumped right out of Moby Dick.

Mohammad Astarki, considered to be an agent of the intelligence branch of the Iranian military, introduced himself to me that evening as Halsey. His reason for being at REDDS that night was to persuade me to locate Merisol Services, Inc., a nonprofit corporation I had recently created onto a riverfront location owned by a supposed philanthropist friend of his named Gary Tour. The location he described was the former site of an old mill pond known as New Era. It was the site of a pre-colonial Russian community located on the banks of the Willamette River, 15 miles south of Portland, Oregon.

This offer was ideal for the purposes of Merisol Services, Inc., as the pilot project and vehicle for the mission of Merisol Services, Inc. was the construction of a full-sized replica of the 76 foot 6 inch 9th century Viking ship called 'Gokstad'. The presence of myself and the establishment of Merisol Services Inc. on the site of their own 'New Era' for Islamic fundamentalism provided the necessary cover for their 'mother of all solutions'.

Several days after I arrived with my family at New Era I met the purported owner of the property, Soubhi Mahmoud Fyad, although he went by the name of Gary Tour. Mr. Fyad was a high ranking member of Hezbollah, the terrorist group considered by intelligence analysts to be a front for the intelligence section of the Iranian military.

Another 'Principal' of this operation dramatically presented himself to us at New Era the day after we arrived in a typical show of raging fury. Although we met and knew him as Alan, his true identity is Abu Zubaydah, bin Laden's military commander and head of al-Gama'a al-Islamiya, the Egyptian terrorist group responsible for the live dismemberment and subsequent murder of 65 mostly Swedish tourists at Luxor, Egypt in 1995.

May had rented an apartment in Portland, Oregon from a man who went by the names of Dan Hachey and also Damien Hachey. Damien was the seat of power behind the entire New Era project, and his presence at New Era was constant, although he never showed himself there to us as Damien. This man's true identity was somewhat more difficult for me to determine, as the man he appears to have been was known to intelligence analysts as Yahya Ayash, the military commander of Hamas, and well known for his considerable expertise in bomb-making. The problem with this identification is that Yahya Ayyash was purportedly killed in 1996 by plastic explosives planted in a cellular phone by Mossad. Perhaps Damien merely took his appearance in the guise of Mr. Ayyash. He certainly proved himself capable of taking on any form he knew, or lack of form as readers of 'Beyond Coincidence' will discover. Damien was also the controller of the massive, albeit well-hidden bank accounts for the 'New Era Operation', and he was the senior Hells Angels controller, in fact the de facto ruler of the Hells Angels.

Although Damien presented himself in public as a man with a diminutive figure and calm of manner, he was in reality an entity with depths of depravity and resources of power incomprehensible to any human being I have ever met.

This was the true source and nature of the power which held sway over the 'Kings and Generals of the Nations'. For those of you with an interest in prophesy, the reference to 'the Nations' is a both a biblical and also a Muslim reference to countries governed under the mantle of Islam.

During my residence at a house on the property of New Era a nondescript backyard mechanic character named 'Mike' worked through the day and into the late hours of the morning during which he  over a handmade smelter, and the huge volume of propane he used while melting down his precious plutonium was recycling aluminum transmissions. At the rate of over 500 gallons of propane every week, that would have made for some very valuable aluminum.

It was two months later when a tall, pleasantly mannered man sporting long hair and a beard who went by the name of Ken Smith arrived. This carefully contrived character arrived under the pretense of selling the owner of the property his small wooden motor-boat. Halsey carefully explained to me that the only value in the boat was the 4 cylinder diesel marine engine. Ken Smith shortly thereafter reappeared, and claimed as his residence an old derelict 42 foot trawler that was on the property, and he went to great lengths to demonstrate that he was working in the construction industry. These were all features concocted to appeal to me, as I had interests and work experience along similar lines. Observing the videos and photographs taken of bin Laden in Afghanistan, the only difference between bin Laden and Ken Smith is the color change of his hair. Why on earth the US government chooses to maintain that this intelligent and resourceful man who is worth $300 million, has received extensive training in the art of disguise and deception and is known to travel in his own Lear Jet hides out in caves in the wilderness of Afghanistan is quite beyond me.

Osama held substantial authority over several aspects of this operation, which in fact was a massive effort by many thousands of people, Middle Eastern and American, an effort which spanned the breadth of the US. He appeared to have direct control over the 'loose' plutonium which he had spent so many hours melting down, but it was his Lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri who placed the plutonium adjacent to the bomb before detonation. They came that close to succeeding.

When additional plutonium is placed adjacent to a large explosive charge, the resulting explosion produces what is referred to as a  'dirty bomb.'  The resulting dispersal of a large amount of highly radioactive dust over a wide geographical area is aimed at causing massive long-term casualties and injuries, in addition to a massive decontamination effort and mass hysteria.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, there is a silent war currently being waged upon US soil by Iranian secret service agents and state-sponsored terrorist  operatives who work under the umbrella of 'terrorist organizations.' This is no secret to western intelligence analysts, nor to anyone who pays attention to what they read in the newspaper. The goal of their New Era Operation was the nuclear annihilation of Western culture.

These men of whom I speak take the utmost pleasure in causing men, women and children the utmost pain while dancing in their glorification of that ancient god they truly worship, Baal. They are not called 'Religious Zealots' due to their lack of religious study. They base their actions, depraved though these actions may be, upon their thorough, albeit twisted interpretation of the Koran and of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

These men and women believe their total immersion in violence is their gateway to heaven. Their entire existence is based upon their own self glorification within their primitive vision of total global dominion. You may perceive this to be fantasy, but I assure you this is not fantasy to the men and women who are working day and night to make certain that the next light that you see is the light of nuclear detonation. The murderous leaders of these fanatical Middle Eastern religious zealots have been enslaved by the evil within which they live, while they cling to their forsaken belief in their false prophet, reveling in the destruction of the very heart of humanity.

Men and women of US domestic and international intelligence agencies have sacrificed their lives in this silent war against God's favorite city to prevent this blasphemy from destroying all we hold sacred.







The civil liberties Americans take for granted and our cultural diversity provide these terrorists with the ability to enter the US and to conduct their operations throughout the country with complete anonymity. Due to the fact that the nature of their business in the US is war, their foremost concern is detection by the authorities. Therefore, they always have multiple backup plans, and they will spend months and even years preparing for every possible contingency. They always have numerous covers in place to draw attention away from their operations, and they often will draw innocent third parties into what even at close inspection may appear to be perfectly legitimate activities to provide them with one or more layers of cover for them. In this instance, they quite thoroughly set me up. 

Through the grace of God they failed to eliminate me, and my wife and I turned up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and cut off their access to the huge financial resources at their disposal. I had a trust account al Qaeda had created in our names shut down, and their response was to put out a contract on my life. In addition, they created a mirror image of my family through disguise, and they staged a large bank robbery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, replete with family videos showing a woman who looked identical to my wife at the Grand Canyon viewing station sporting a shotgun. When even that failed to get us arrested, (the FBI was monitoring us 24/7) their supreme commander completely lost control and ordered that anyone even remotely appearing to be us was to be murdered on sight. The resulting bloodbath included a trio composed of two federal agents and a child, concocted in an effort to determine whether the increasing number of FBI agents who were convinced that we were not only not engaged in those people's criminal activities, but that we were in fact under mortal danger from them, was true or not.

When using third parties for a cover, they will create a thorough trail of incriminating evidence, such as manipulating their target's legal records, their bank accounts, and their phone records; they then  ensure that their victims have absolutely no support from family or friends by systematically alienating each and every family member and friend so thoroughly that their victims could disappear from the face of the earth and not be missed.



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