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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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Beyond Coincidence




In this book I have described to you events that may require that you suspend any preconceived notions of reality that you may have. During this journey you may perceive a reality within which my family has been living that may cause you to question the validity of the methods of Classical Western Scientific Thought that is fundamental to our education, and to our societal views of reality.

As Albert Einstein so aptly demonstrated all matter is merely energy caught in a spinning matrix. This 'collapsing waveicle' is the fall of Lucifer, the veil of the illusion Satan is caught within and also the veil that Satan hides behind. What Satan cannot see is that this vortex of spinning energy is a dance, the dance of the love and joy of the Lord God Almighty.

The Archangel Lucifer, being intelligent, observed the manifestation of God's creation. He became jealous with the knowledge that God would create man in his own image, even above the level of the angels. Lucifer understood that he could take Creation for himself, and in his jealous greed he then reached out, and grasping Creation, he collapsed under the gravity of his action within his own reflection of his desire.

The architect of conflict, The Evil One,  was thus trapped within the reality of his action, forever spinning and falling, grasping for that which he eternally desires but can never have nor understand. Thus he created the boundary of the illusion that he is trapped within, which is matter.

The Veil is the boundary of the illusion of the separation of energy and matter and also the vehicle upon which we as souls may grow up from matter, rise above the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves and reach out to the incomprehensible loving light of God's eternal love. The Lord God manifested his Son, Jesus the Christ, here on earth to demonstrate this truth. CHRIST is an ancient Greek word that when fully translated means, 'Anointed in the oil of the joy of God's love.'

Lucifer failed to understand the true nature of God's creation, and thenceforth the nature of God's only Son, the Christ. Muslim extremists label the United States of America 'The Great Satan.' These men and women are caught in the contradiction of Lucifer's hatred. They are not capable of true selfless compassion and loving, and it is this lack of faith and understanding that binds them to their own destruction, and to the evil of their actions. This was Lucifer's mistake and his downfall.

The extremity of the measures that these people are willing to make to further their cause demonstrates the danger of allowing the dominance of the logical mind over the heart. This is the illusion of the validity of rational thought over the grace and understanding of God's Love. St. Peter referred to the development of the concept of logic (Aristotelian thought) in the Roman era as 'the increasing dominance of the belief of mythology.' To define and experience reality on merely a lineal level is to miss the broader meaning of existence. An appropriate analogy would be to be observing reality off the edge of a pane of mirrored glass. You only are able to see that which you expect to see, a mirror image of your own expectations and desires.

It is in fact mythology to define existence from a system of logical analysis defined as an objective point of view. The mere act of observation influences that which you are observing. Every physicist knowledgeable in Quantum Physics, as well as most well-read people, and people of faith know this to be true. Matter and energy are subject to the energy inherent in the act of our observation, and it's behavior predictably changes from this interaction. The manifestation of a particle (matter) is the result of separate energies spinning within a collapsing vortex, bound within each other's individual gravitational fields.

Our interaction with existence is a romantic affair. This is why nature is referred to as being female. She is receptive to our overtures, and she responds towards our expectations upon the basis of our needs. This truth is not entirely lost on the Muslim fanatics who are determined to destroy our existence, I assure you. What they miss is that the nature of their methodology of destruction and their attempt at manipulation towards their own selfish goals is the definition of the collapsing waveicle.

A 'waveicle' is a physicist’s description of the duality of the nature of light, for light (and therefore energy) is both a particle and a wave. However, particles and waves are classified as opposites, and it is a contradiction to say something is both one thing and simultaneously it's opposite. 'Classical Western Scientific Thought' is the only system accepted in the Western world for analyzing and defining reality, and this system is based upon the rules of physics, and both systems are based upon the rules of logic. However, the rules of logic do not encompass contradiction. Therefore the system of 'Classical Western Scientific Thought' violates the very foundation upon which this system is based. This is the definition of mythology.

To put it in another perspective, the appearance of matter is the result of a mutual and irresistible attraction between two forces. This is the nature of attachment and desire. This is the nature of addiction. This is the nature of Satan, and also the miracle of God's love, as we are bound to this material world only by the extent of our desires and attachments. Release from this attachment to the material world comes from selfless service through the grace of God's compassionate love.



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Despite the Muslim fanatic's illusion of selfless sacrifice they are bound towards self-immolation in this way by their own behavior of violence and self-glorification. I have seen this to be true. They take great pleasure in the power they derive from their debased sexual desecration upon women, men and children. They live in an illusionary world whereby they carry out their violence with the intention of accomplishing their political goals of global dominion within an illusion of their reverence towards their god to the irreconcilable harm of all humanity. Their subservience to the god they worship blinds them to the nature of the beast for whom they work. The reality is that there is nothing selfless about their actions whatsoever, and thus they are bound within their own actions to self immolate, or collapse upon themselves forever within the conflict they have created. This is the nature and the path of the bottomless abyss.

The vast majority of people in America are insulated, both physically and psychologically, from the almost constant barrage of headlines consisting of brutal terrorist acts committed by Islamic extremists, which intrude into our lives from the Middle East and more recently the Khobar Towers, and bin Laden's orchestration of the American Embassy bombings in Nairobi and Kenya. The World Trade Center bombing forced upon most Americans an uncomfortable recognition that Islamic fundamentalism and the violent political methods that these people thrive on actually affects Americans at home as well as abroad. The recent arrest of Ossama bin Laden associate Ahmed Rassam in Port Angeles and the revelation of his intentions to use the plastic explosives and urea in his trunk in another 'terrorist' bombing of Americans in America has perhaps awakened some people in America to the very real danger these men and women present to our society.

The explosion of global terrorism by these Muslim fanatics began in 1979 in Iran. The revolution fomented by Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini and thus spread throughout the Islamic world, emboldened Middle Eastern governments to foster 'unidentifiable' nationalist Muslim extremist groups, and manipulating individuals to a pseudo-religious frenzy of violence and determination that defies our imagination.

Does the American public not understand that these same Muslim extremists are thoroughly entrenched in the US? The most convenient base for Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda is in the US, not in some foreign country. We offer them a far safer haven than they can find even in their Middle East benefactor nations, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. They have no freedom of movement or speech in these countries, nor are they protected by a Bill of Rights or a Constitution. It is easy for these trained agents to infiltrate into the US, and to remain anonymous. They take advantage of their thoroughly developed contacts established through long-term 'sleepers', infiltrators, and from their deep involvement in global drug smuggling and in the American domestic drug trade. Amongst their members are highly qualified computer technicians who have at their disposal advanced computer systems with state of the art encryption technology. The US has the most advanced communications system in the world, offering easily accessible nation-wide ultra- high-speed fiber optic cable connections. These computer 'crackers' consistently bypass 'secure' corporate and government network firewalls, enabling them to manipulate with complete stealth phone, utility, corporate, bank and government agency records,  enabling them to conduct large international monetary fund transfers, channel portions of these funds to operatives in the US, provide them with American identification, and hide the entire operation under accounts of innocent third parties: (you). They also acquire identification in the US through theft and, when it fits their purposes, murder.

It is not commonly known how vast the economic resources these groups have at their disposal. The New Era operation was overseen directly by the intelligence branch of the Iranian military in conjunction with Ossama bin Laden and senior lieutenants of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad.  Iran has oil revenues in excess of $4.5 billion annually. Palestine Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezbollah receive funding from Iran, and from numerous other government sources as well, including Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, and Libya. Hezbollah, formed in 1982 by the intelligence section of the Iranian military, receives $600 million a year from Iran. In addition these groups receive hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from supporters in England, Canada, France, the US and over sixty other countries from around the world. All of these groups have been identified by Western intelligence analysts as 'umbrella' terrorist groups that are operating in the US under the authority, direction and support of Iran. Although  in some respects Iran does wield enormous influence with Hezbollah, and to a lesser degree with Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad, top-level members of these criminal organizations also hold senior level positions with the internationally active terrorist group al Qaeda, founded and largely funded by international terrorist Ossama bin Laden. In addition, the fundamentalist rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban, have given bin Laden and al Qaeda control over the country's opium and heroin trade, resulting in additional revenues of over $500 million dollars annually.

The coordination and assimilation between Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Iran indicates a quantum leap in the capability of Middle Eastern political blocks to strike at the heart of America with an incomprehensible degree of hatred and vengeance.

These same people have organized an extremely sophisticated terrorist network throughout the Americas. Among the members of these terrorist groups  are well educated and trained mechanical, chemical and nuclear engineers, electrical engineers and specialists in computer technology and programming. There is a population of over six million Muslims living in the US, and al Qaeda has drawn operatives from this group, as well as other residents of the US, including many native-born white Caucasian Americans. Many of these men and women own houses, pay taxes, and are gainfully employed. The ability of these people to blend into any cultural or regional section of American society is phenomenal, a result of their intense study of Americans and of Americans' favorite pastime, television and video tapes.

It is important to understand that these men and women of al Qaeda will frequent bars, drink alcohol, gamble and frolic with women if they believe this will assist them in blending into their host communities.

    Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad also have an established base in the Tri-border area of South America, and are able to blend in with the 28,000 residents from the Middle East . This region, located at the junction of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, exports 40 tons of cocaine annually into the US. These terrorists have developed strong ties to the Cali drug cartel in Columbia, and with other major drug rings in South America, ties that further increase their international intelligence network, as well as providing them with an enormous influx of capital. Their ability to infiltrate into the US from South America is made considerably easier due to the multiple false passports that they obtain through Iranian embassies in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and other South American countries.



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    Al Qaeda is renowned for incorporating sophisticated surveillance techniques, and for the detailed and long-range planning involved in their attacks, typically two years or more.  They are on constant alert for the slightest hint of detection, at which point they are ready to revert to one of the myriad layers of backup plans that they have in place. The technique they employ encompasses their ability to virtually evaporate into their environment, and subsequently reappear in an entirely different character.  Frequently the plan they fall back on is also their deep cover, such as one of the covers employed  in their 'New Era' operation.

    Several principals of al Qaeda have succeeded in not only infiltrating the Hells Angels biker group, but they have demonstrated such a degree of power to that organization that they succeeded in gaining absolute control of the entire criminal enterprise. This fact is not too surprising due to their enormous financial resources, their skill and propensity towards violence, (in hand-to-hand combat they specialize in knives), and their worldwide network of operatives involved in drug smuggling and money laundering. Their control over the Hells Angels gives them access to a nationwide network of tens of thousands of members, providing communication and information resources, hit squads and a wealth of illicit talent. To refuse an order from a superior in the Hells Angels, including murder, results in an immediate death sentence. This is also true of terrorist organizations. They leave no witnesses when it comes to the security of their operations.

    The civil liberties Americans take for granted and our cultural diversity provide these terrorists with the ability to enter the US and to conduct their operations throughout the country with complete anonymity. Due to the fact that the nature of their business in the US is war, their foremost concern is detection by the authorities. Therefore, they always have multiple backup plans, and they will spend years preparing for every possible contingency. They always have numerous covers for their activities, and they often use innocent third parties to provide one or more layers of cover for them. For instance, they will set these third parties up for criminal responsibility for one of their backup plans, to ensure that the true nature of their activities are always several layers from detection. 

    When using third parties for a cover, they will create a thorough trail of incriminating evidence, such as manipulating their target's legal records, bank accounts, their phone records, and even destroying their familial and social ties. 

    Under the direction of agents of the intelligence branch of the Iranian military an operation was underway to smuggle a number of nuclear bombs into the United States, hidden inside of a submarine. The preparations necessary for the successful movement of this submarine into US waters under stealth, and their successful ability to subsequently hide it's presence denotes extremely thorough planning and execution, with absolute attention to every detail at each stage of the operation. This is the operation that earned al-Qaeda it's reputation for absolute precision and thoroughness.

    I came to know and to understand the nature of these beasts of whom I speak through a chain of events initiated and carried through almost to the point of completion by a group of people who were in reality both leading, and led and supported by  'the kings and generals of nations', including; Ossama bin Laden and members of his terrorist group al Qaeda, members of the intelligence branch of the Iranian military, Iraqi agents, top-level operatives of several international terrorist groups, including al-Gamma al-Islamiyya, Hezbollah, Hamas and al Jihad. I came to know these people from the very core of their absolute hatred of the cherished values of humanity.

    These operatives had an opportunity to study my family quite thoroughly, including my preparations to create a nonprofit corporation, Merisol Services, Inc, whose pilot project was to be the construction of a 76' 6" Viking ship. Merisol Services, Inc. held the potential to provide them with an ideal cover for their operation. They had obtained ownership of an cedar mill on the banks of the Willamette River, south of Portland, Oregon. They then built a submarine bay into the old millpond on this property, called New Ear, but they needed a cover during the period when they brought this submarine in. My intention at the time was to locate Merisol near Portland, and as they expected I agreed to an offer guised in the form of philanthropy to locate this nonprofit on their property. As a result of their manipulations into my life I had no other choice, as they were able to torpedo all other options, including all contacts with my extended family, my housing, and previous arrangements I had made with another nonprofit to locate Merisol on the banks of the Columbia River.

    This arrangement seemed to me at the time to be a blessing. It appeared to be ideal for the purposes of Merisol, it appeared to be ideal for me and my family, and unbeknownst to me it was ideal for their purposes also. That is how this entire chain of events began.

    My continued existence, despite their best efforts, became an immense security risk for the principals of this operation, as I was not ever supposed to escape from their grasp. I also came to understand who they were to a degree that far exceeded any expectations.

    It is the miracle of God's work that the unparalleled hatred and greed that led these warped individuals, who were once human beings, to ally themselves with the Evil One, under his mantle of absolute power upon and below the earth, was the key to the destruction both of their New Era operation, of their goal to establish global Muslim dominion, and to the literal physical destruction of the director of their entire operation; upon whom 'The kings and generals of nations' had laid all of their faith and trust, their false prophet. This is not mythology of which I am speaking, but the reality of this existence on this time. I assure you reality is not lineal. Reality is God's incomprehensible love for you each and every moment of your existence, and it was God's Love for you which  moved him to prevent this from happening. As Jesus Christus (the Christ) stated, "God is Yes."

    The magnanimity of the concept that I had stumbled onto an Iranian operation to detonate nuclear bombs in the United States of America was such that it took me quite some time to accept these events that took place as anything other than coincidence. Considering the targets they had selected, including Washington DC, New York C, and possibly NORAD and CENTCOM, there can be no doubt that they had also targeted Israel, and quite possibly Russia. This was their master plan, their mother of all Muslim extremist solutions.

    One man who played a principal part in this operation, and who was not so well known at the time, 1997, was Ossama bin Laden. He arrived at this 'New Era' property shortly before the submarine arrived, and he was involved in a smelting operation there. Needless to say he did not introduce himself to me as Ossama bin Laden, and it took me a year to determine who this man actually was. He was personally melting down plutonium, of which he had possession of a large amount before the submarine arrived. Their intention was to plant several nuclear bombs in an automobile with additional plutonium to create what is referred to as 'dirty bombs.' The result would be the spreading of vast concentrations of highly radioactive dust into the atmosphere over the point of each explosion. Their intention was therefore to cause catastrophic short-term civilian casualties and severe long-term civilian illness, in addition to their primary military and political targets. The resulting chaos is all too predictable.

    Their plan also involved the nationwide disruption of the local, state, and federal police forces. May and I observed one of their trial runs, and their strategy for accomplishing this was the simultaneous robbing of multiple banks in each of our cities across the entire country. I am speaking of a sophisticated operation brought about by trained military intelligence operatives who excel in the art of disguise and identity transformation. Their methodology was not to run, but to swamp the area with multiple identical suspects and suspect vehicles, coming and going, each one transforming in military precision, into different but again multiple identical characterizations. Their intention was not merely to rob banks, as they certainly do not need the cash, but to distract and occupy our nations police forces.

    These people are not kind. They take absolute delight in causing the most unimaginable pain upon men, women and children, while they dance their dance of celebration within their bizarre and unimaginably violent interpretation of Islam. They truly believe, in truth they have been deceived into believing that they can break all of Mohammed's rules to achieve their aim of global conquest, as they justify antithetical behavior as they believe their goal justifies their means. This is Hamas doctrine I am referring to. This is also Iranian doctrine. This was Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's doctrine, which asserts that the raising of Satan through the live dismemberment and simultaneous sexual desecration of these men, women and children at the moment of their death is their path to the power they deem necessary to cause the destruction of the United States of America.

    This book concerns the suffering of my family, members of the FBI and their families, and friends at the hands of these evil beasts. I have written this book so that others may understand what has occurred, indeed what is still occurring in our country at this time, and hopefully to prevent a reoccurrence of these heinous act in the future.

    Federal agents sacrificed their lives for us on many occasions throughout these trials. I am speaking of sacrifices made by those who came to understand the hell that these men and women had put us through, and who understood the sacrifices we were willing to make for God and for our country. I am also speaking of sacrifices which these good people and their families made, and which they continue to make on behalf of God and the people of the United States of America. They put their lives on the line day and night so that people in the free world are not subject to the evil that these rogue nations represent.

    To use the word atrocities for the acts these beasts committed in the name of Islam is to negate the very meaning of how we perceive language. I am speaking of men who have embraced the unthinkable as their ally, perceiving him to be the one and only true god, so that they may dance in glory, even at the moment of their death, firmly believing that he whom had so severely deceived them may put them at his side at the moment of his illusory triumph, at the throne of this beast whom has forever throughout existence wanted to be called 'god.'

    I assure you the Islamic fundamentalists do not care how you perceive reality. Hamas doctrine, which embraces all fundamentalist Islamic doctrines, proclaims that they will accept Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, but only under the umbrella of their delusional version of Islam. Their visualization is one of a 'New Era' of Muslim extremist global dominion, a Hitlerian concept announced before the 1939 Olympic games. The Arabic and Persian peoples are well known for their long memories, and for their long term planning. It is time for humanity to let the hatreds of the last three millenniums pass. Unfortunately the Islamic fundamentalists cannot let their hatred go. They have warped the Islamic religion to suit their own bitter cause.

    One of the aspects to these events that occurred that I have a hard time comprehending is the complicity of a large number of Americans throughout this country without whose help these men and women would never had have been able to come so close to causing such irreparable harm to everything every religious human being has ever prayed for. As you read through this book you will come to understand the motivations of many of those of whom I speak. In your journey through our lives, I would ask only that you keep your mind open, a difficult task at best, I assure you. I was the quintessential 'Doubting Thomas' throughout most of this ordeal. I withheld judgment concerning many aspects of that which I experienced until I saw the complete truth, and I assure you the truth was overwhelming.

    My father was not of a religious background. He was baptized a Catholic when he married my mother. Her father was Irish Catholic, and her mother was of Jewish parentage. I offer this information for you to have some foundation with which to see what has taken place, and why I was their perfect choice, for I am a Christian with Jewish heritage. In 1975 my fiancé was killed in an automobile accident. I placed a blanket under her head, a blanket that came from the palace of the former Shah of Iran, the Shah Reza Pahlavi, as a gift. I suspect the fact that I have in my past distant ties to the Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran was not lost on these people either. They are extremely thorough.

    I can only ask of my readers this: while you are reading this story of my family's hardships and pain, please put you arms around your wife and children, your parents and grandparents, your brothers and sisters. For these evil ones of whom I speak take absolute delight in inflicting the most unimaginable pain on our most loved ones. For I assure you these are beings that do not clock out at the end of the day. They do not rest, and they will never rest until their mission is accomplished. Their mission is the destruction of the United States of America. Their mission is the destruction of the very fabric of our lives. If you have been wondering why the US sent cruise missiles at every location where sources indicated Ossama bin Laden was hiding out, and why the US and every democracy in the world had formed an alliance to wipe this evil from the face of the earth, you will come to understand the seriousness of the threat which this man and tens of thousands of al Qaeda members represents to the western world as you read this book

    When you read this autobiography perhaps you may find the time to find that most precious of gifts, your family. Mary, the mother of Jesus, wants this of us more than I could ask you to understand. Perhaps when you read through these pages you will understand why.

    I have written this book so that Americans may be shown the truth of how so very close Iran, Iraq, and the several other Arab terrorist states and their umbrella terrorist organizations, Ossama bin Laden and members of al Qaeda came to successfully causing incomprehensible damage and pain to our country, our people, and to democracy itself, for I assure you these people abhor the concept of a people free and without subjection. Perhaps this book will also lead Americans, and all people on this planet who care about life, who care for their wives and children, about what it means to be human, to rise up and declare that this is enough, to put a stop to these men and women who act in the name of that ancient god Baal.