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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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Up to 40 metric tons of primarily Bolivian cocaine are estimated to transit Paraguay annually, en route through Argentina and Brazil to the United States, Europe and Africa. Paraguay is also a source country for high-quality marijuana. Significant money laundering occurs, but it is unclear what portion is drug- related.

In 1998, Paraguay signed a new bilateral extradition treaty with the United States that includes extradition of nationals. Modest improvements in counter-narcotics performance were achieved after the inauguration of the Cubas administration in August, such as the seizure of 215 kilograms of cocaine (more than the previous two years combined) and arrests of numerous low-level narcotics traffickers.

However, the Government of Paraguay (GOP) failed to accomplish the majority of the agreed-upon counter-narcotics goals for 1998 in a manner sufficient for full certification. Paraguay did not implement its national drug control strategy through effective investigations leading to the arrest and prosecution of major drug traffickers, corrupt officials and their associates; drafted, but did not pass a revised anti-drug statute which includes provisions authorizing controlled deliveries and undercover operations, and criminalizes drug-related conspiracy; failed to effectively implement the new money-laundering statute; and failed to develop an effective anti-drug and organized crime investigative and operational capability for the tri-border area. In part, these shortcomings stem from the country having been distracted by the May elections and later by continued political turmoil over the status of former Army Commander, and unsuccessful 1996 coup plotter, Lino Oviedo.

Denial of certification would, however, cut off assistance programs designed to meet the priority USG goal of strengthening Paraguay's democratic institutions and civil-military relations. This would reduce USG support for Paraguay's democracy at a time when it is being tested by conflict between the executive branch and the legislative and judicial branches, and calls by some Paraguayans for extra constitutional measures. Denial of certification would also jeopardize ongoing cooperation and assistance programs with the GOP against other key areas such as intellectual property piracy and terrorism. Moreover, vital national interests certification would help promote the political will and positive action against narcotics trafficking that we continue to seek from the Cuba administration.

The risks posed to the totality of U.S. interests (i.e., promoting democracy, cooperation against intellectual piracy and continued counter-terrorism cooperation) by a cutoff of bilateral assistance outweigh the risks posed by GOP's failure to cooperate fully with the USG, or to take fully adequate steps to combat narcotics on its own.

Paraguayan counter-narcotics and anti-money laundering institutions need to be strengthened and given independence from political institutions and intrigue. With strong civilian leadership and cooperation among the President, congress and the courts, as well as adequate resources and legal authorities, the GOP could achieve all of its stated goals.

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