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Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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The Purpose of MeriSol Services Inc. is to launch a Pilot Program of Challenging Involvement for financially disadvantaged individuals and at-risk youth.

Concept by Terrence Jones
Executive Director
MeriSol Services Inc.
February 11, 1997


MeriSol Services Inc., a non-profit public service corporation, was formed with the purpose of raising a combination of private and public sector resources for long term paid training programs, involving Portland and Metro Area at risk youth and financially disadvantaged individuals and/or heads of families. The pilot project and focal point for the corporation's mission is the construction of a series of ninth century Viking Ships, including a 22 foot landing craft, a 32 foot landing craft, and a 76 foot sailing and rowing ship. This program is designed to give a large degree of responsibility to the students. Participants will be assigned to department Task Groups, and individual students will be chosen as Task Group Managers. Mentors will work with participant managers to oversee the participants' training, and to assist participant managers in the administrative aspects of their departments. Participant managers will meet on a regular basis, coordinating departmental goals to meet projected time frames for the completion of tasks, and to assist in the projection of the budget.

Mentors will be selected based upon their experience, technical knowledge, and their commitment towards the philosophy and goals of this project.

Participants will be responsible for electing a representative (participant director) to sit on the Oversight Committee. The participant director will report on the success of the departments in meeting corporate goals, and will provide training to Task Group Managers in the methods used for tracking Management goals. Task Group Managers will be taught the use of computer software tools to create critical path analysis of the project stages, defining related projects, and coordinating timely completion of Project Tasks with other Managers. This project is designed to be an ongoing and permanent program, developing in scope to train, and employ on a permanent basis targeted individuals in a wide spectrum of skills. These skills range from business administration, accounting/fiscal management, broadcast video production, photo journalism, desktop publishing and multimedia graphics development, Internet Web Site creation and maintenance, wooden ship construction, and woodworking and cabinetmaking skills.

All phases of the Program will be documented. Multnomah Community Television (MCTV) resources will be utilized for video production training, equipment and facilities. Instruction will entail the use of broadcast quality video cameras, editing, adding graphics and text, special effects, and show production. A Video

Production Task Group will be assigned to document the construction of the ships, and the people involved in the project. Shows produced by the Task Group will be aired monthly on MCTV cable TV. In addition, a Multimedia Task Group will be selected, receiving training on Multimedia and Desktop Publishing systems. The Participants will use the video media collected from the Video

Task Groups, in addition to other material on the project, to create and maintain a home page on the World Wide Web. Information will include the purpose and scope of MeriSol Services Inc., frequently updated information on the status of the project, etc. Constant updating and improving the quality of a Web Page maintains audience interest. This experience provides incentive for participants to develop creative design, learn multimedia graphics design and production, promote creative thinking and discussion, and learn valuable skills. The benefit is increasing access to relevant information to current and potential donors, and serving as a central bulletin board for the exchange of information and ideas between participants, members of the Board of Directors, staff, and the general public. Michael O' Brian, editor of Wooden Boat (magazine) has offered to publish a series of articles on the construction of the Viking Ships. A Photo-Journalism Task Group will be selected from participants, who will work under a mentorship to photograph the various stages of the project, and compose a series of articles documenting the project in it's entirety. A large building complex, located on the banks of the Willamette River, has been leased for the use of the corporation at a substantially reduced rate, due to an in-kind grant of $72,000.00 from Gary Tour, of New Era Marine, and owner of the property.

These facilities have been reserved for offices, educational and safety training classes, a materials workshop, and the main ship construction shop at 21421 S. 99 E. Hwy, Canby, OR 97013. In the shipbuilding phase of the project, Phase I, several Task Groups will be formed, each Group being responsible for specific phases of ship construction. Work will begin with the construction of several Viking era landing craft, thus familiarizing participants in the methods that will be used throughout the project, and creating the focal point for the entire project. Cabinetmaking, wood joinery, marine design theory, reading plans, lofting from plans to full scale patterns, shipwright skills, rough and finish carpentry, sail design theory and fabrication, wooden boat maintenance, and other related tasks will be taught to Task Groups by mentors responsible for those specific areas. The goal is to create a vehicle and pilot project that will involve at risk youth and other at need individuals in challenging activities through which they will learn valuable social, managerial and vocational skills, grow, feel connected and gain a sense of pride in accomplishment and newly found abilities. They will learn to work as team members as well as individuals.




MeriSol Services Inc. is incorporated to receive funding and other contributions to manage the operations of the Viking Ship Project and related projects. It is the responsibility of the staff to maintain financial accounts and records. The board serves as a forum in which participants and mentors periodically take stock of the project as a whole, evaluate progress, and report to the Oversight Committee.

  1. Recruit selected individuals from the Portland Metro area and surrounding communities for training in a variety of managerial, professional and crafts skills which will be used by MeriSol Services Inc. as a focal point for the corporations mission and pilot project, the Viking Ship Project.
  2. Divide the project into tasks that become focal points for arranging mentorships.
  3. Recruit 4 qualified mentors, to work with existing staff members to train and direct Task Groups to work on various aspects of The Viking Ship Project.
  4. Secure extensive private sector involvement in funding, donation of materials, equipment and tools, mentoring, post project training and employment.
  5. Document the Project with a series of articles accompanied by video and photographs of the construction and launching of the Viking Ships.
  1. Provide pageantry for the enjoyment of the citizens of the community through events that celebrate completion of the Project while acknowledging the contributions of participants.
  2. The ships built from the Viking Ship Project will remain in nonprofit ownership by MeriSol Inc to ensure the proper maintenance of the ships, for the continuing education and use of participants, and for other groups approved by the Executive Director.




Specific tasks to be created and skills to be acquired include the following.

  1. The development of management skills through educational training, mentorship with management and staff, and participation on the Oversight Committee.
  2. The development of accounting/fiscal management skills through educational training and mentorship participation with the accountant and fiscal manager.
  3. The development of computer skills, including accounting software, word processing, spreadsheet and database programs, project management, financial reporting, etc.
  4. In depth training on the safe use of power tools, and workshop safety, provided by staff and the corporations insurance provider.
  5. The development of specific woodworking skills, including joinery, cabinetmaking, finish carpentry, steams bending, lofting and other shipwright work.
  6. Training in corporate financial management, developing business reports, tracking financial goals.
  7. Developing team work and management skills.
  8. Developing skills in business and media relations.
  9. Education and experience in photo-journalism and multimedia skills, leading to the production of a "Web Site" on the Internet, with an on-line newsletter for participants, corporate members, current and potential donors, and the public.
  10. Active participation in writing proposals, grant writing, and nonprofit corporation fundraising.
  11. MeriSol Services Inc has received a positive response from community and business leaders for this project. MeriSol offers long-term training and employment in a variety of challenging positions, building a series of Viking ships to celebrate the wide diversity of our ethnic backgrounds and the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. This program creates a focal point for the variety of skills addressed with this project.
  12. MeriSol Services Inc. has received advice and a pledge of ongoing support throughout this project from Arne Emil Christensen, head of the Archeology department at the University of Archeology in Oslo, Norway and also Curator of The Viking House Museum in Bygdoy, Norway. Emil has recommended the Gokstad as the ideal ship to represent the era, and of superior construction and handling ability, even by today's standards. Through the efforts of the Executive Director of this corporation and Mr. Christensen, a set of construction plans of the Gokstad has been donated for this project, in support of the mission of MeriSol Services Inc. Mr. Bent Tygesenn, Master Shipwright with an MA in Anthropology and eight years of shipbuilding experience, including four years of apprenticeship training in traditional Norwegian boatbuilding methods, has been selected as a full time staff member and instructor. Mr. Tygessen has taught Anthropology at Portland Community College for twenty-two years. James McMullen, manager of Rivers West, Portland's local boat building club, and also manager of Crosscut Hardwoods, the largest supplier of marine lumber for the Pacific NW boat building industry, has offered his expertise in marine woodcarving to work on this project as a mentor for students





Existing organizations and channels, as well as new mediums, including the establishment of an Internet Web Site, will be employed to broadcast information of the Viking Ship Project to Board members, participants, staff mentors, and to present and potential donors, and to present the opportunities this project offers for the participants, as well as the benefits to society as a whole. Projects will be broken down into Task Groups that will be used as vehicles for collaborations and pairings between participants and craftsmen, and professionals. One Participant of each Task Group will be elected as manager of that group, and understudy to the mentor. Participant managers will learn project scheduling, budgeting, and employer/employee relations, and will act as liaisons between management and construction participants. In the Viking Ship Project the following mentorships will be created.
    A student will be chosen as participant director, with the Executive Director a mentor. The student will gain experience in setting financial goals, reviewing and interpreting budgets and financial reports, evaluating financial performance and making appropriate reports to funders and oversight agencies.
    A selected participant will work in a mentorship capacity with the accountant, and will assist in the preparation and presentation of financial reports to the Treasurer.
    Understudies to the Executive Director will be selected from the participants, learning purchasing protocols and documentation, funder requirements, purchase orders, requests for public bids, monitoring costs against the budget, and interfacing with accounting.
    A Task Group will be selected to receive training on Web Site design and maintenance, upload project developments to the site, respond to questions from inquiries on the Web, and seek out information that may be helpful to this project.
    Two Media Task Groups will be selected to document this project: photojournalism (Print Media) and Broadcast Journalism. Mentors will assist participants of the Photo Media Task Group in interviews and photography, using computer graphics and publishing software in the composition, layout and drafting of the articles which will be submitted. The Photo Media Task Group will work with the Multimedia Task Group to incorporate photographs and interviews into the Corporate Web Site. The Broadcast Media Task Group will be trained at the facilities of Multnomah Community Television, in all aspects of broadcast video production techniques, including Video Recording, Editing, and Broadcasting. A monthly show will be broadcast on MCTV cable TV. Michael O'Brian, Editor of Wooden Boat Magazine, has agreed to publish a series of articles covering the construction of the Viking Ships. Task Group members will become involved in marketing and promotion for this and other media sources.
    Under overall supervision of Bent Tygessen and one part time master shipwright, participants will launch the project with the construction of Viking era landing craft, followed by the construction of a ninth century replica of the 76'6" Viking ship "Gokstad". Office space, materials storage, educational and safety training, lofting and ship construction will take place at the facilities in New Era, Oregon, reserved for this project at a substantial discount, due to an in-kind grant of $72,000 by Gary Tour of New Era Marine, Inc.
    These ships will be offered for the use of the citizens of the City of Portland as goodwill ship with another city, such as Vancouver, BC. as a demonstration of solutions available with which the communities of our nations can enhance the quality of inner city life through cultural revitalization, hard work and common goals. I believe this program offers a unique opportunity for our inner city youth and financially disadvantaged individuals to learn first hand how different departments, representing different areas of expertise, work together to make a corporation operate successfully. Participants will experience the rewards of becoming involved in a project which will teach them valuable skills, and which will enhance the community within which they live for many years to come.

Terrence A. Jones

Executive Director

Merisol Services, Inc.