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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


Terrorist Watch

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 How does bin Laden communicate?
       Bin Laden’s biggest problem remains communications. Bin Laden previously used Inmarsat phones until the U.S. began intercepting his signals off the Inmarsat-3 satellite over the Indian Ocean. U.S. officials intercepted a congratulatory phone call in the days after the embassy bombings. A U.S. official says bin Laden has since stopped using satellite phones.
       Bin Laden makes extensive use of couriers, who sometimes carry encrypted floppy disks and meet in third countries with couriers from target nations. He has also used faxes from remote locations and in some cases, e-mail. Al-Qaeda has used various code words and aliases to disguise identities. Bin Laden has been described in al-Qaeda communications as “the Sheik,” “Hajj,” “Abu Abdullah,” and “the Director.”
       Can he travel outside Afghanistan?
       Bin Laden is believed to have access to several planes at his disposal, the ownership of which is unclear. He traveled around the Muslim world in charter jets for years prior to his exile in Afghanistan. He also owns a private jet, according to intelligence officials.
       How is bin Laden’s network, al-Qaeda, structured?
       Bin Laden is the undisputed leader, called “emir” or “prince” by his followers who must take a sworn oath to him, violation of which is punishable by death.
       Beneath him is the “shura al-majlis” or “consultative council,” which includes his top lieutenants. His two aides are Egyptians: Ayman al-Zawahiri, a physician and leader of al-Jihad, the violent Egyptian group responsible for the Luxor tourist massacre in 1995, and Muhammed Atef, his military commander who also served in al-Jihad. A “fatwah” committee of the council makes the decisions to carry out terrorist attacks.
       Where does al-Qaeda operate?
       Al-Qaeda is believed to have operations in 60 countries, active cells in 20, including the United States, Kosovo, the Philippines and Chechnya. It is believed to operate training centers in both Afghanistan and Sudan, the first beginning operations in 1994 with representatives from Egyptian, Algerian, Tunisian and Palestinian extremist groups.