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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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Terrorist Group Profiles Terrorism Resources -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Al-Qaida From: Country Reports on Terrorism, 2004. United States Department of State, April 2005. Comments on the content of the material should be sent to the U.S. Department of State -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Names Usama Bin Ladin Organization Description Al-Qa段da was established by Usama Bin Ladin in 1988 with Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Helped finance, recruit, transport, and train Sunni Islamic extremists for the Afghan resistance. Goal is to unite Muslims to fight the United States as a means of defeating Israel, overthrowing regimes it deems "non-Islamic," and expelling Westerners and non-Muslims from Muslim countries. Eventual goal would be establishment of a pan-Islamic caliphate throughout the world. Issued statement in February 1998 under the banner of "The World Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders" saying it was the duty of all Muslims to kill US citizens, civilian and military, and their allies everywhere. Merged with al-Jihad (Egyptian Islamic Jihad) in June 2001, renaming itself "Qa段dat al-Jihad." Merged with Abu Mus誕b al-Zarqawi痴 organization in Iraq in late 2004, with al-Zarqawi痴 group changing its name to "Qa段dat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn" (al-Qa段da in the Land of the Two Rivers). Activities In 2004, the Saudi-based al-Qa段da network and associated extremists launched at least 11 attacks, killing over 60 people, including six Americans, and wounding more than 225 in Saudi Arabia. Focused on targets associated with US and Western presence and Saudi security forces in Riyadh, Yanbu, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Attacks consisted of vehicle bombs, infantry assaults, kidnappings, targeted shootings, bombings, and beheadings. Other al-Qa段da networks have been involved in attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003, carried out the assault and bombing on May 12 of three expatriate housing complexes in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that killed 30 and injured 216. Backed attacks on May 16 in Casablanca, Morocco, of a Jewish center, restaurant, nightclub, and hotel that killed 33 and injured 101. Probably supported the bombing of the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 5, that killed 12 and injured 149. Responsible for the assault and bombing on November 9 of a housing complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that killed 17 and injured 122. The suicide bombers and others associated with the bombings of two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 15 that killed 20 and injured 300 and the bombings in Istanbul of the British Consulate and HSBC Bank on November 20 that resulted in 41 dead and 555 injured had strong links to al-Qa段da. Conducted two assassination attempts against Pakistani President Musharraf in December 2003. Was involved in some attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2002, carried out bombing on November 28 of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, killing 15 and injuring 40. Probably supported a nightclub bombing in Bali, Indonesia, on October 12 by Jemaah Islamiya that killed more than 200. Responsible for an attack on US military personnel in Kuwait on October 8 that killed one US soldier and injured another. Directed a suicide attack on the tanker M/V Limburg off the coast of Yemen on October 6 that killed one and injured four. Carried out a firebombing of a synagogue in Tunisia on April 11 that killed 19 and injured 22. On September 11, 2001, 19 al-Qa段da suicide attackers hijacked and crashed four US commercial jets -- two into the World Trade Center in New York City, one into the Pentagon near Washington, DC, and a fourth into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania -- leaving nearly 3,000 individuals dead or missing. Directed the attack on the USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, on October 12, 2000, killing 17 US Navy sailors and injuring another 39. Conducted the bombings in August 1998 of the US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, that killed at least 301 individuals and injured more than 5,000 others. Claims to have shot down US helicopters and killed US servicemen in Somalia in 1993 and to have conducted three bombings that targeted US troops in Aden, Yemen, in December 1992. Al-Qa段da is linked to the following plans that were disrupted or not carried out: to bomb in mid-air a dozen US trans-Pacific flights in 1995, and to set off a bomb at Los Angeles International Airport in 1999. Also plotted to carry out terrorist operations against US and Israeli tourists visiting Jordan for millennial celebrations in late 1999 (Jordanian authorities thwarted the planned attacks and put 28 suspects on trial). In December 2001, suspected al-Qa段da associate Richard Colvin Reid attempted to ignite a shoe bomb on a trans-Atlantic flight from Paris to Miami. Attempted to shoot down an Israeli chartered plane with a surface-to-air missile as it departed the Mombasa, Kenya, airport in November 2002. Strength Al-Qa段da痴 organizational strength is difficult to determine in the aftermath of extensive counterterrorist efforts since 9/11. However, the group probably has several thousand extremists and associates worldwide inspired by the group痴 ideology. The arrest and deaths of mid-level and senior al-Qa段da operatives have disrupted some communication, financial, and facilitation nodes and interrupted some terrorist plots. Al-Qa段da also serves as a focal point or umbrella organization for a worldwide network that includes many Sunni Islamic extremist groups, including some members of Gama誕 al-Islamiyya, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and the Harakat ul-Mujahidin. Location/Area of Operation Al-Qa段da has cells worldwide and is reinforced by its ties to Sunni extremist networks. It was based in Afghanistan until Coalition forces removed the Taliban from power in late 2001. Al-Qa段da has dispersed in small groups across South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and probably will attempt to carry out future attacks against US interests. External Aid Al-Qa段da maintains moneymaking front businesses, solicits donations from like-minded supporters, and illicitly siphons funds from donations to Muslim charitable organizations. US and international efforts to block al-Qa段da funding have hampered the group痴 ability to obtain money. This material is published with permission of the U.S. Navy. Page last updated: Wednesday May 11, 2005

For more in-depth information on these terrorists and their extensive activities in the US, purchase a copy of "The Little Scroll." For detailed background on this subject refer to the Introduction to "The Little Scroll" that has been posted to this Web site.

The complete text of this book (79000 words) encompasses a detailed description of the top al-Qaeda echelon and of the events and the people surrounding their operations. This book is a Christian journey through life, and death, and life again. The information in this book is not available in any other source. The author and his family were targeted by Osama bin Laden, Abu Zubaydah and Ayman al-Zawahiri, and came to know them personally for quite some time.

The Little Scroll

The leaders of the terrorist organizations currently engaged in the murder of innocent men, women and children in Israel have vowed never to stop until all Israelis are driven into the sea. The leaders of these same terrorist groups sit on the board of directors, if you will, of al Qaeda, along with intelligence agents of Iran, Iraq and Syria. This fact is well known by the US authorities, but their problem is that the US is in bed with the Middle Eastern oil nations. This is a difficult challenge for us all, as the solution lies in the severance of our dependency upon the oil rich countries of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia for our energy needs. We may need to make the difficult choice between the security of our nation and our willingness to open up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to using our vast reserves of coal, and reevaluating the use of nuclear energy.


I am seriously concerned over the lack of serious probing into the composition of the al-Qaeda hierarchy by the news media. Senior-level members of al Qai'da are comprised of agents of the intelligence branches of a number of Middle East nation-states, and top-level members of Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Islamic Jihad, al Jihad, al-Gama`a al Islamiya and numerous other terrorist organizations. . 

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