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While you walk through this life so precious hold the flame of God's love gently in the palm of your hand, for the wind is fickle.

Terrorist Watch addresses the terrorist activities and the the methods used by al-Qaeda terrorist operatives in the U.S.,  with in-depth analysis of  the relationships that exist between al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their Middle East nation-state benefactors.


This Web site was first published in July of 1998, and has been  maintained and updated on a non-profit basis consistently since that time, without personal concern of retribution, despite a number of death threats, for the benefit of citizens worldwide who cherish their families, the right to live in a free and democratic society, and the freedom to worship the true God Almighty through the religion of their choice.


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The Woman On The Beast 


I drove straight through to southern Oregon, taking an exit that indicated food, lodging and gas. We stopped at a gas station in Brownsville, and I ended up looking at two old MG and Triumph convertibles in the back lot. I wanted out trip to California to be an enjoyable one, and I felt we could afford to take our time. The gas station attendant suggested we spend the night at a motel down the road. While we were there a man wearing a leather Harley jacket arrived, certainly not a crime, but he appeared to be watching us far too closely for our comfort. We soon left, and we decided that the motel that gas attendant recommended was dilapidated and quite frankly just not right. We stopped at a truck stop near there, and the receipt had as a logo "Halsey City." This was just too bizarre. I continued on south on I5 to the next promising stop, where we rented a room at this motel that had it share of shady characters, but I was not interested in pushing myself too hard on this trip. The next morning, while inspecting our car I saw that the weight of all of our things had brought the carriage of our car down so low that it was bottoming out at even the lowest drives. We had belongings piled up inside the car, and our daughter was looking lost in all of the clutter. Even our tires were almost flat from the weight. I thereby pulled around to the dumpster in the rear of the motel and began removing items that were nonessential. I laid the more valuable items alongside the Dumpster, thinking somebody could use these things. A tall, elegant looking woman came around to the back where I was busy going through boxes and sorting out the mass of things in our car. She looked at what I was doing, shrugged, and walked away. I thought this kind of odd, as she looked to be too sophisticated to be staying at this place. I was certainly not impressed. We have seen this woman many times since then, and we have always found her presence to be reassuring. We left soon thereafter, heading for the California border. At the border itself, there was a line of cars waiting to go through the Agricultural Inspection Station. However, we were waved right through. We were still worried about the biker at Brownsville, not to mention "Halsey City." I pulled in at the first rest stop I came to after entering California, and there at the phone were two men, one with a sign "Homeless Family Needs Money for Food," and he was laughing, almost joyous. The other one appeared to be on the telephone. We were not in a mood to trust anyone at this point. I looked for some food in the back, and I found what I thought was the tape I had taken of Barb and Bunny. I decided to take a few moments and watch the film. I saw some images that I did not understand, as I had not recorded them. I started to say something to Barb, but she was rapidly motioning for me to come back to the car. She said that these men were evil, and we had to depart immediately. I concurred, climbed into the car immediately drove back onto the freeway and headed south. When we came to Redding I took the first exit that indicated motels were available. It was around 5 PM, and I found a very decent motel just off the turnpike. I went downstairs to the lounge to get cigarettes, and I noticed a man sitting at a table talking with the bartender. This man looked at me just a little too long, I thought. Upon closer inspection I realized he was the man at the telephone booth back at the rest stop. I immediately left, and walked up the stairs to our room. After we settled in at our motel room I heard a female voice say, "When is the action going to begin?" I looked over to the mirror on the wall behind the dresser, and I could just barely see a woman seated behind the mirror. It appeared to be a two-way mirror, and I could only see her if I looked at it from a very acute angle. She was wearing a headphone set, and there was activity behind her. I saw a man walk up beside her, say something, look forward as if looking at us, but with his eyes looking lower, as if looking at a monitor, comment to her again, and then walk back out of the view. The "Action" henceforth did in deed begin, a series of events that became more intense with each passing day. I picked up the camcorder and began to look at that tape again. What I saw first confused me, then shocked me and finally angered me. The tape began with a frontal view of our brown Ford LTD, taken from a distance of perhaps ten feet. I had not filmed our car. It appeared to be in a large parking lot, and Barb later suggested that that image was taped at the Fred Meyer grocery store parking lot the day when I bought the 8 mm tape for the camcorder, and I concurred. There had been a black man at the exit door blocking my way out, and looking back I now this man was Alan. Then the scene changed to inside a room with Barb wearing a pair of yellow dish gloves. She was walking backwards, beckoning to the cameraman to come to her. She was smiling seductively, and she said something, but this camcorder did not have audio. I had not filmed this. Neither did we have a pair of dish gloves, as neither of us uses them. This image lasted for around 15 seconds, and then she literally dropped straight down, as if she had passed out. The camera image then began to spin, as if the cameraman was rapidly spinning the camera, with the image moving all around as it was spinning. There was then a view of Barb, and she was wearing the dress that Nadia had given to her out at New Era. This dress was black, and it was covered with small purple and gold and white flowers. The image then closed in on the flowers, and the clarity of the flowers went out of focus. The image was of purple, and gold, and was glittering from the out of focus white flowers. The scene then changed to Barb lying naked on a bed, on what appeared to be satin sheets. She was lying on her right side, and she looked amorous and seductive. A corner of the sheet came up from behind her, at her waist, which she then took with a short sideways glance as if being prompted. Then white fluid appeared between her legs, around her pubic hair, as if from behind. Then there was a fleeting image of a man who was in fact Alan getting up from behind the bed and moving off screen to the right. He had dark skin and a goatee length beard. Then there was a short scene of Barb walking into a bathroom, naked, which was filmed from behind. The scene then changed to whom I thought was Barb lying naked on her stomach, pushing hers torso up with her hands, with her hips still on the bed, and arching her head back. I practiced Hatha Yoga for many years, and this posture she was holding is called the snake. In the foreground, also lying on the bed was what I thought appeared to be a female mannequin, lying on its back. I assumed it was a mannequin because the face was chalk white, and it appeared to be grossly distorted. A white sheet was pulled up just below her right breast, exposing it, and it covered the left breast. Then the scene altered with the addition of a naked man's backside humping up and down on the part of the bed where the lower torso should have been. He had very dark skin, with a substantial amount of black hair on his legs. I was beginning to get really pissed off at this point, and I asked Barb to look at the tape and tell me what was going on. She watched it for a while, and she told me that she did not understand what was going on. At the time I completely misunderstood what the intentions were of the people who constructed this tape. I have not had reason to distrust Barb, but I was looking at this film, Barb appeared to be with other men in a compromising situation, to put it mildly. Barb looked at this tape again several times. She became hysterical, saying that she was getting flashbacks. She said that these men had horribly beaten and then sodomized her. She then said that they had murdered her, and that she had been dead for several hours. I explained to her that it was not humanly possible to be dead for longer than four minutes before suffering severe brain damage, and that after seven minutes all brain activity stops. She responded that she only knew that they had hurt her horribly, saying that several men, including the individual Nadia, Alan and another man she now believes to be Halsey had hog-tied her, raped and sodomized her, and then murdered her. She told me that Alan had broken her neck with a device that he put on her wrists and ankles, and around her neck. I then said, "Barb, how can I believe this story you are telling me when you do not have a single bruise on your body, much less the appearance of the kind of trauma which would result in death? In fact you look radiant, if anything. I have the proof of the tape! What proof do you have? I need to see some sign that you were actually hurt." Barb then took a bath, and she insisted that I stay with her. She began to get hysterical in the bathtub, shaking uncontrollably. I helped her out, and there was a large inflamed area all around her neck, and down the center of her chest. She screamed, "What is happening to me?" I took her out to the living room to the large mirror on the wall, and as we both looked at her image in the mirror the inflammation around her neck began to swell, turning a blotchy purplish and black color. There then began to develop a blood red band around her throat, which swelled to a one half inch thick band, and almost an inch wide, like a dog collar or something. Then I spotted contusions on her wrists, and I told her show them to me. There were severe wounds around both of her wrists. Then I looked at her ankles, and they also were red and swollen, with severe contusions running circularly around both of her ankles. We looked at each other, and I exclaimed, "Hog-tied!" I again turned on the camcorder, and we each studied the film in turn. Barb told me that what I thought was a mannequin was in fact her. She asked me to look at this image, to see that these were her breasts, her face. It was hard to believe this as her face was horribly distorted, and there was this simultaneous moving live image of her doing this snake yoga posture. I looked closely at the image of Barb lying on her side, with what appeared to be semen spreading around her pubic hair in a circular pattern. This did not seem right, as she was lying on her side. This image was not logical, as semen would have gone down, due to gravity. This image was not real. I studied the part of the tape showing what I thought was a mannequin, and I saw that it was in fact Barb. Her tongue was hanging out between her teeth, her eyes were bulging completely out of her head, and her right jaw was visibly torn from her skull, and hung down in a grotesque manner. Barb later recalled that who she identified at the time as Nadia asked Alan to help him break her jaw from her skull. She remembers the crunching sound of them ripping the right side of her jaw out of her skull. The image then changed to a view of a bathtub with a sliding glass shower enclosure, which was closed. Behind these semi opaque glass doors was a man standing naked in profile. Facing him in profile was Barb. She was just standing there, not moving at all. After fifteen seconds of this image she dropped straight down, as if she had lost consciousness. The image then changed to this man standing there behind the glass doors with an extremely large erect peanus, substantially larger than any human's. I then studied the image of the mannequin, with Alan humping on the bed. What was wrong with this image was that Barb's torso should have been there. Her lower body was missing. Then I saw that there was a pair of feet sticking out from the bottom of the bed. There was a long gap where the sheet was flat below her chest, and it was apparent that Alan was copulating on a blank spot on the bedspread. Barb's upper torso was mostly underneath the bedspread and sheet, and that part of her body from her waist down was down towards the lower part of the bed. Although I was raised as a Catholic, and I went to Parochial school for seven years, it had been a long time since I had read the Old Testament. The Hebrews struck fear into their enemies because they kept on getting up on the battlefield after they were killed. Their enemies got to the point to where they sawed the Hebrew soldiers in half, and they still got back up and went back onto the battlefield. Even if I had remembered this, I have always thought that miracles happened elsewhere, and to other people. Then the image changed to only the upper torso of Barb, her head beaten and broken horribly. Then there was a section of film that showed a pair of hands lifting Bunny out of the playpen and setting her on the shoulder of Barb's severed body. Our little seven-month-old daughter was not moving. Then the film showed a view of the edge of the outside door, with the door open. There appeared the profile of what appeared to be a female's head, with brunette hair, slowly moving out from behind the doorframe, and then slowly moving back out of sight again. Then the profile of a blonde female slowly moved her head out from behind the frame of this door, and then moved back from sight behind the doorframe again. Then there was an image of Alan moving from behind the bed across the screen to the right. Alan had much darker skin than we had previously seen. The Alan we saw on this screen was not Caucasian. Alan is an Arab. The image changed to two lamps, one without light and hanging down from it's support Then there was an image of two figures passing in front of a mirror, from the right to the left of the screen. There was no substance to the figures, but mere outlines of their bodies crossing in front of the mirror. Then there appeared two faces, from a direct frontal view. These faces were smiling, grinning, and shining fiery red. Upon closer inspection, these faces appeared to be composed of flames. Smiling evil faces of fire. . Then the image changed to the front door, taken from the inside. This image showed the back of a man going out the door, with his hand reaching back inside to close the door. The last image was of a rose bush, with a single yellow rose growing from the top. This was the same yellow rose bush growing in front of room number 14 of the Holiday Motel. This image was taken in front of our motel room. Portland Oregon is the 'City of Roses.' Roses are my heart. Barb spoke to me of her remembrance of a man with a deep and gentle voice speaking to her. He told her that she was in a safe box, where no one could hurt her. She said that Jesus was holding the box, and that God was consoling her. Barb cried out to him, "Who is going to take care of Bunny? Someone needs to cake care of my baby!" God then told her that Bunny was safe in the box with her and lying on her chest. God spoke to her again, saying, "I can't stop them from what they are doing. They have to be allowed to carry out their plan. But they cannot get your soul; they cannot get your daughter's soul. I have protected your souls in a safe box, where the evil spirits cannot get to you. It is locked, and the only person who can get to it is God." She asked, "What is the safe box?" He replied, "This is a box in the hands of Jesus. It is in the hands of the Lord." Barb asked, "Is it in heaven, in the sky, in the ground, or where?" The Lord said, "It is below where your body is being tortured. It is close enough to where your string will not be broken, which holds your life and your soul in a way that I can put you back together." On June 1st, the day after I broke the window, the wife of the owner called up our room and told Barb that there were two men coming by to replace the window. She told Barb that she would be safe, and that no one would hurt her. It was the next day, on June 2nd, when I drove out to New Era to film the property. When I returned, it was an hour or so later when I left to buy a friend of mine from a previous job a beer. It was shortly after I left when Barb clearly remembers whom she thought was I banging on the door, yelling, "Barb, Barb let me in!" Barb remembers and identifies this individual as Nadia, even though I had later determined that this was in fact Damien. When Barb let Nadia in the door of the motel she believed him to be me. Barb had known me for over two years, and we had been married for a year and a half. Yet this beast fooled her. When he came into the motel room he told her that he had left his keys there. However, I wear my keys on a key large chain clipped to a belt loop on the right side of my pants. Any and all keys that I am using are always clipped on my belt loop. Nadia also brought in two men with him, introducing them to her as being friends of mine from a yard maintenance job I had held a week or so previously. Barb remembered that I had told her that I was going to visit a friend from this job and buy him a couple of beers, and so this made sense to her. Nadia then gave her a large glass of water and two pills that he said were Ibuprofen. He commanded her to take them both, and to drink all of the water. Her memory from that point on is spotty, but she remembers at one point he told her to take off all of her clothes. She asked him why he was still dressed, and he got extremely mad at her. She also remembers him taking off all of his clothes and saying, "Now I am going to rape you!" He then jumped on top of her and raped her. She then got up and went to take a bath. While she was in the bathtub she remembers Bunny crying, and Nadia screaming, "Why don't you take care of your child"! He yelled at her many times, and there is an obvious reason for this. Tenants staying nearby would testify that the man in the house was loud and abusive towards his wife and daughter. When Barb was in the bathtub Nadia came into the bathroom and began to wash her hair. He then grabber her hair and shoved her head underneath the water. He held her head under the water until she began choking, and he then withdrew her head from the water and looked at her long enough for her to realize that he was not her husband. He then again shoved her head under the water, drowning her in the bathtub. She remembered Nadia sexually desecrating her body while she was in the bathtub, after he had drowned her. Barb also remembers these men beating her face and head continuously for quite some time. She said she remembered someone, whom she now believes to be Halsey saying, "He will be here in five minutes," Nadia then asked Alan to help him break Barbs' jaw from her head. She then remembers coming back, and seeing Nadia positioning the camcorder on the table facing the door. She then saw a hand reaching around to close the door. She remembered three evil spirits going out the door, and then she got up. As Barb and I were studying this tape that had been left at our motel room, we were living a kind of hell that was beyond any and all things I thought possible under the eyes of God. I am speaking as one whom attended seven years of Parochial school, as a husband to Barb and as a father to my four daughters. I am a man who is most apt to look with a certain degree of trepidation at a description of reality that deviates from the absolute norm, the norm being lineal perception. I am speaking as one who withholds judgment of our 'reality,' with the perception in mind that our subjectivity is bound to lead us astray. We watched that tape and experienced this pain under the monitoring of the FBI. I saw them as being behind the mirror, and at times I found myself having to look at the mirror out of the corner of my field of view again in order to ascertain this vision and to understand that that which I was seeing was true. Although they were not actually behind the mirror, nevertheless my vision was true. This was in a sense true, as the authorities were monitoring us. We were already judged guilty by association due to our residing out at New Era. This was the partial intention of Damien, Alan, Ken Smith and Halsey, although what they had in mind for me was the blame for Barb and daughters brutal murder. I am speaking of the 8 mm tape left for the authorities to find. What Pete and his 'witness,' the maid, expected to find was Barb's dismembered body and that of our daughter, Bunny, hidden in some drawer or closet. That is why Pete said, "Who died in here? It smells like someone died!" These men knew I had not left the motel since my return from GI Joe's. The police would look at the dismembered bodies, and I would be convicted in their minds, as well as in the minds of any jury. In addition, the other witnesses at the motel had seen Barb let a man in whom she had obviously believed was her husband. As we later learned, the Ford LTD that 'Ken Smith' had sold to me was with these men. They had indeed switched cars on me out at New Era. Halsey had returned with a Ford, but it was not a LTD. Thus, my car would have been identified at the motel in front of our room at the time. These men use multiple identical vehicles with identical license plates to commit their crimes. As we were trying to determine the meaning of the presence of that tape I heard a voice say, "We need to get that tape." I slipped the tape under the mattress as we prepared to go to the store. When we returned I went to get the tape but it was not there. Barb was hysterical every time she went into the bathroom, and to calm her I stayed with her in the bathroom while she put on her makeup. I then heard the sound of something being dropped, and I quickly went into the bedroom. The camcorder was lying on the bed, and the tape was inside of it. I had previously looked in the camcorder, and the tape was not in it then. It was apparent the authorities had been in our room and had taken the tape for duplication. We did not know why we were under surveillance, but we had done nothing wrong, and therefore we felt reassurance in their presence. Later, while I was again looking at the tape in an attempt to discover what was going on I heard a voice say, "That sick son of a bitch." It occurred to me that this man was likely referring to me. I could not believe someone could think I would do something like what we were seeing. I heard the sound of a drill from the room adjacent to ours, and it distinctly sounded as if someone was drilling a hole through our wall. I have spent decades in the construction business, and it was not difficult for me to locate the source and meaning of this sound. I turned to see what was going on but Barb began screaming again. I therefore stayed with her. I thought that it was important that I keep this tape, and I decided to put it into our bag of clothes. When I did this I heard a voice come from the room adjacent to ours say, "Did you see that?" Another male voice responded, "Yes, it's in the bag." I then brought the bag out placed it in the trunk of our car. I thought twice about this, but I was not extremely anxious to accept the idea that this tremendous conspiracy was going on at our expense, despite what I had seen and heard. Later that night, hearing some commotion outside I walked out onto the balcony. I saw a man down on the parking lot looking up at me. He clapped his hands five times, slowly and loudly. This disturbed me, as I had seen Alan do something similar out at New Era when I was leaving his fifth wheel trailer on the dock and walking back up the hill towards the warehouse. At that time, Alan had grabbed a hammer and beat on a large drum five times. This man in the parking lot was of short stature, with fairly long blonde hair. He looked distinctly like Halsey, but he appeared much younger, and the hair color was wrong. I knew Halsey as having dark graying hair and a short beard. I felt somebody was up to no good, but I thought it a bit farfetched that Halsey was there in the parking lot looking like a much younger blonde man. I could see no reason for those people from New Era to be following us all the way to California, much less be out in the parking lot trying to retrieve a tape I had hidden in my trunk. The next day we left early, and I headed for LA, looking forward to the warm sun and sandy beaches. Before we even got out of Redding our car began wobbling in the front end severely. I pulled into a tire dealership and bought a new set of tires. I asked the young man who was installing the tires to please look at the underside of the car and let me know if he saw anything that did not look right, or that might be broken. He parked the car while I was occupied with the cashier, and as we were driving off he was walking across the lot grinning from ear to ear. We had seen a man approach him and engage in a conversation with him while he was installing our tires, and we speculated that there might have been an exchange of money between these two. We were feeling increasingly uncomfortable and anxious to reach our destination. Perhaps ten miles south of Redding I saw a brown van approaching rapidly from behind us at a high rate of speed. I was not pleased to see that tone of brown on a van. This was identical to the brown van Barb had seen at the bank in Portland when that man took a gun from it. I decided to see if the driver was coming up to see us or just driving fast. I speeded up to a little over ninety miles an hour, and the van increased its speed, coming up almost parallel to us. I saw in my side mirror a redheaded female driving the van, and I turned to get a better look. I recognized that face. It was Nadia, and its' eyes were wide open like saucers, and it's mouth hanging open as if in utter awe. Meanwhile a white car had come up behind the van, and this car immediately dropped back as the van disappeared from view. It was my belief that he had driven forward to identify the van. In the distance behind us I saw him turn off to the right. We drove on without incident until we approached Sacramento. Barb commented on two semi trucks driving in the opposite direction with large loads, and covered with the olive green tarp the military uses. Barb said that those trucks were evil. I reassured Barb that they were most likely military vehicles, and that, yes, perhaps they were carrying military gear of some kind. We again saw these same trucks driving southbound just north of LA. One of the trucks had that same oddly shaped load covered with green military canvas, one looked like the load was square, and one of the trucks was evidently a normal looking cab and stainless steel trailer. On the cab of this truck was the insignia "San Bernadino Brothers Trucking Company" on the door of his cab. It looked like the rig that a man who was introduced to me as "Chris" out at New Era brought by and showed to Alan. He had just bought it, and they seemed quite happy about it. I filled off the freeway to fill up on gas, and I then drove to a Mini Mart next door to buy some juice for Barb and Bunny. As I came out of this store Barb pointed out this tall, solidly built man with a long ponytail and wearing a Harley T-shirt. He was standing right in front of our car on the concrete porch in front of the store. He was looking hard at us. He then leaned back against the wall and carefully looked around the corner of the building and surveyed the parking lot. He immediately jerked his head back, turned and ran off the porch and out into the lot behind us. There he climbed into the passenger door of a new tricked out blue van, which had the license plate "FLYS." We then looked in the direction of the parking lot he had been peeking at, and we noticed there were several vehicles that were definitely out of place. There was a blue gray van parked about seventy-five feet to our left and forward with a woman sitting in the drivers' seat. She was just sitting there watching us, sipping on a coke. This was the same woman who had watched me empty our car of unnecessary items at the Dumpster behind the motel south of Brownsville, Oregon. There was also a green California Agriculture truck, the same truck that we had noticed at the border-crossing coming into California. I laughed, and shared with Barb that these Hells Angels kept on unzipping their fly, and exposing themselves to the authorities. What we did not know was that the authorities had not distinguished between our adversary and ourselves. We were heavily under suspicion. By this time we had had an opportunity to look over the possibilities of why these men from New Era might have reason to follow us all the way into California. We kept going back to the day when we stopped the bank robbery in Portland, and our conviction that these men were obviously Hells Angels. We also saw that we had been used as unaware covers for what we thought was their methamphetamine lab at New Era. We considered the ramifications of the tape left at the motel in a new perspective. At this point I did not know what to thing of Barb's assertion that she had been murdered. It was apparent from the tape that this was true, but I still had difficulty believing in miracles. We did not discover until much later on out trip across the USA, which exceeded 6,500 miles, that the truth was far more bizarre, and more evil in intent than we could have at the time imagined. I made the decision to take the I505 connection to I80 towards San Francisco. I was considering the possibility that these men knew we were on our way to LA to see my sister. I made the turn onto the exit at the last possible moment, with little room to spare. While exiting onto this bypass Barb began to lose control of her emotions every time she saw so much as a little stick on the road. She again became hysterical when I was going onto I80, causing me to take the wrong turn. I ended back on I505 going northwards to I5. I decided to go ahead and drive south to LA. For a short while we were able in a certain level to relax, and put the evil that was chasing us down the highway to subside. As I approached LA I chose Hwy. 110 - but again when I came close to an exit Barb again became hysterical, an experience I would not recommend on the LA freeway system. I again found myself driving North when I wanted to be going South, and then this situation repeated itself five times before Hwy. 110 dead-ended on this lovely tree lined avenue, with palm trees on the crest of a hill. I thought the ocean was on the other side of that hill. I then spotted the Pasadena Inn, and upon inspection I decided this was a safe and respectable motel. It was not until the next morning that I found out that the Pasadena was in fact in Pasadena, and not just over the rise from the beach. Hindsight has shown me that this was God's work, as if we had driven to Venice these men, who we still naively believed to be 'merely' Hells Angels, were sitting there waiting for us with the open jaws of the dragon. It will become apparent to my readers that in fact these men actually were 'Hells Angels.' 'Satan's disciples' is a more accurate description. They have become the overlords of a nationwide group of loosely (or perhaps not so loosely) organized men and women who risk death at the refusal of an order from the president of their local chapter. Thousands of bikers who would easily be impressed with a group of men dressed in black leathers with the demonstrated ability to manufacture vast quantities of methamphetamine. Men who had a distinct system for robbing banks, using wigs, removing and/or adding clothing in a few moments, using multiple, identical automobiles with identical license plates. All of this to confuse and occupy the authorities in multiple bank robberies in communities across the country simultaneously as they hatched their 'great plan.' It has always been true that the path of least resistance to power in all organizations is money and influence. Soon after we arrived in Pasadena I noticed an inordinate number of bikers dressed in full leathers cruising up and down the boulevards. I took the 'tape' out of the laundry bag and played it, only to find that this was not the tape we had watched in Redding. It began with the image of a child, a profile view of a baby with its neck and body horribly arched back, its mouth opened to far to be natural; a view which we found so horrendous and threatening that Barb demanded repeatedly that I erase that image immediately. After much shouting on Barbs' part, I decided to erase that image, against my better judgment. That child was not our daughter. It appeared to be a boy. I knew the appearance of that image on the new tape was not only an implicit threat but also a chilling display of the depth of the depravity of these beasts. Most of the other images which we had previously viewed were no there. In fact, it was not even the same tape cartridge. I had bought two new tapes in Portland, but this tape was old, and it was dusty. However the image that I had taken out at New Era was also on this tape, towards the end where I had begun filming out at New Era. Thus, it appeared that the first tape had been duplicated, with certain images added in the middle. The second night we were at this motel, after Barb took a bath I went out to the car and I felt an evil, crawling presence I have had never experienced before. This presence was so powerful it was palpable. I went inside and told Barb that Nadia was outside, perhaps in our car. We talked about the three 'gifts' Alan had given to us: the net, the amethyst egg, and the 'black Bunny, what he called "Easter gifts," and we decided it would be best to discard them. I located them, took them outside and tossed them on the ground back around behind the dumpster. The next day we moved to another motel in Pasadena. I drove to an underground garage to park, and as we were getting out of the car a woman pulled up just below us in a sports car. She then immediately pulled back out again, drove to a space just above us, and parked. She got out of her car, took a long hard look at us, and rapidly walked across the lot and out the exit. We walked down the street to an open-air restaurant in Old Town and ordered lunch. It was obvious we had major surveillance all around us. There was a woman not more than ten feet from us, pacing back and forth, and talking into a walkie-talkie, and a few other people around whom were obviously on the payroll. We perceived that we were in danger out in public, so we finished our lunch and left. I decided against going to see my sister, as it appeared that we would be putting her in danger, as well as ourselves. The next day we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Shortly after we sat down a motorcycle cop drove up the street and turned towards the window where we were sitting, stopped in the middle of the street with his motorcycle facing us, nodded, turned around and drove back off down the street. That officer definitely caught our attention. Over the next two days I located a manual for our camcorder, and I bought us a VCR and some food to last us a few days on the road. I emptied more 'nonessentials from our car, as it was still riding heavy on the road. I also decided to leave our car top carrier behind, as I believed it might be easier to maintain a degree of anonymity on the road without it on top of our roof. I even considered getting the car painted, but as I later found out, that would not have made a difference.